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9:00 A.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman Bill Norcross.

Present:  Bill Norcross and Jim Hester; Casper golf:  David Ford, David Bell and Mike Lamere:  absent Frank Guglielmi, John Brown, Sharon Andrews and Carole Winters.

Mike Lamere: reported the Highlands County Amateur Tournament will be held on Deer Run September 19 and 20 with a practice round on September 18th.  The next scheduled tournament will be the Hawkins-Crutchfield high school tournament.  We are still looking for volunteers for this event.  He also presented the proposed mixed tee course rating to give more course length combinations.  

Jim Hester: reported the Handicap and Rules Committee had met and presented an updated local rules and list of tournaments to be posted as tournament scores.  The local rules have been posted in the member’s room and will be e-mailed to all members.  They want to remind all members they are responsible for positing all their scores for rounds played and properly adjusted according the USGA guidelines.  These adjustments are posted at the computer terminals.  They also requested that the pro shop properly mark and identify the hazards on the course.  They also asked the rough areas on Turtle Run be better maintained.  

David Ford: reported his replacement has been hired and will report on September 14 and David will leave on the 18th of September. He will be sorely missed and we wish him the very best on his promotion to the new location at West Palm Beach. His replacement is Jim Kurtzeborn. He comes to us from Naples at Fiddlesticks Golf Course.  He is a Master PGA Professional and Certified Club Manager (CCM).  One of only 12 people in the country to hold both certifications.   We are confident he will be a great addition to our club and we all look forward to welcoming him aboard.  

David Bellgave progress report on Deer Run cart project.  Contractor cement work is complete.  We have some sodding and Sun ‘N Lake maintenance work left.  We are having problems getting sod due to the wet weather.  The removal of the palm tree on Turtle Run #7 left side was due to a lighting strike.  The palm on left of #1 will also be removed.  There was a question about the tree on left side of #15 Turtle Run.  This was a planned removal for the area to be sodded.  The work on Turtle Run fairway is continuing.  We are having the same problem as Deer Run to get sod due to wet weather.  

If any member has any questions, concerns, requests, or comments about the golf operation please feel free to contact any member of the golf committee to have them brought before the committee and Casper Golf. Committee members are Bill Norcross, Frank Guglielmi, Jim Hester, Dr. John Brown, Carole Winters, and Sharon Andrews.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hester, Secretary