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9:00 A.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman Bill Norcross.

Present:  Bill Norcross, Jim Hester and Frank Guglielmi; Casper golf:  David Ford, David Bell and Andy Kesling; MGA representative: not present; WGA Representative:   Sharon Andrew; and   9 Hole Ladies Representative:  Carole Winters.

MGA:  Andy Kesling reported the next MGA event would be the July 4th couples tournament.

WGA: No report.

9 Hole Ladies: No report.

Bill Norcross: Asked about sand buckets on par 3’s and broken tee recepticals on all tee boxes.  He announced the formation of a club handicap and rules committee consisting of Virgil Elliot; John Phillips; Cynthia Cottrill; Nela Hodge, George Beres, Jim Stansbury, Jim Hester and Mike Lamere.  The committee will be a sub-committee of the Golf Committee.  Jim Hester will be the liaison for the Golf Committee and Mike Lamere will represent Billy Casper Golf.  It was determined they should have their first meeting and organize prior to the July Golf Committee meeting which will be July 14th.

Jim Hester: Asked about priority for members when a course is closed for a tournament, (i.e. Latin America qualifier).  Andy said members should be aware of the course schedule which is posted for the year and be sure to make their tee times 3 weeks in advance.  There are several tournaments that have one course closed and a few that require both courses.  When both are closed he can work with the other courses in the area to get a special rate for members.  Also the Latin America qualifier has been moved forward to the 2nd week of January, when we typically have less play. Course markings and local rules will be addressed by the Handicap-Rules Committee.

David Ford: Casper Golf is working on next year’s budget which will concentrate almost entirely on maintenance for both courses since there are no major projects scheduled for the coming year.

David Bell:Reported they are replacing the ball washers on the course.  He also stated we will be aerifying Turtle Run Course three times this year using the smaller tines.  We did not apply Curfew to the Turtle Run Greens this year.  They are using a new product that is more environmentally friendly.  Turtle Run will not be over seeded next year as it is making the Bermuda grass healthier.  Deer Run will be over seeded as in past years.  There will be a modification to the course closures and work completion date on Deer Run due to the work stoppage that is currently in place due to the work not meeting the required specifications.  Hopefully these issues will be resolved by next week and work can resume.  Plans include using the soil removed from the drainage pond to be dug out in front of #9 tee box to build up the gold tee boxes on the hole #3 and #9.  It will also be used to fill low areas in front of the #13 green and #16 men’s tee box.  

Andy Kesling: On August 3rd Casper Golf nationwide sponsors the World’s Largest Golf Outing with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.  All members are encouraged to participate in this great event.Reported they are working on Casper’s World’s Largest Golf Outing and encouraged members to sign up in the pro shop or make a donation which goes to the Wounded Warrior Program.  The tournament will be a fun event for a good cause on August 3rd.  It is an 8:30 shot gun start.  You can sign up as a 1, 2, or 4 person team in the pro shop.  The cost is $50.00 per person.  They are updating the membership book, if you have corrections they must be in by June 15.

If any member has any questions, concerns, requests, or comments about the golf operation please feel free to contact any member of the golf committee to have them brought before the committee and Casper Golf. Committee members are Bill Norcross, Frank Guglielmi, Jim Hester, Dr. John Brown, Carole Winters, and Sharon Andrews.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Jim Hester, Secretary