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Golf Committee Minutes 4-6-15


9:00 A.M. Meeting called to order by Chairman Bill Norcross.

Present:  Casper golf:  David Ford and David Bell; and Members: Bill Norcross, Jim Hester and Frank Guglielmi, and MGA representative: John Brown; and WGA Representative:  Joan Benson.

MGA - John Brown: The Member Guest was very successful.  Next event - Couples Championship April 8 and April 9 and Men’s Member/ Member on April 16 and April 17.  The next couples’ events will be Memorial Day and July 4th.

WGA - Joan Benson : Sharon Andrew will be on the committee as the WGA representative.

Jim Hester: Jim asked about posting club info for members with no e-mail. David Ford responded all info is posted on bulletin board by water machine and in men’s and women’s restrooms. Also, when going from Deer Run 18 out for shotgun start you should not drive against the traffic on Edgewater.

Bill Norcross: Bill asked about improving short cut areas going to Turtle Run for shotgun starts.  He also asked about improvement to areas around rest rooms by cart wash area. He had suggestions about the proposed sign replacement project. David Ford suggested anyone interested attend Board of Supervisors meeting or contact supervisors as this is a District decision and project. 

David Ford: David reported they are in process of installing speakers at the cart barn to improve communications from the pro shop.     

David Bell: David reported on the progress of Deer Run improvements to take place this summer and outlined the planned maintenance dates on both courses. He also discussed the re-forestation going on, along with the maintenance of some of the diseased trees on Deer Run. The course closings will be announced to members in time for them to make their tee times three weeks in advance. There was a discussion about the condition of Turtle Run and over-seeding and the consensus of Casper and the Golf Committee was that it was better for the course to not over-seed.

If any member has any questions, concerns, requests, or comments about the golf operation please contact any member of the golf committee to have them brought before the committee and Casper Golf. Committee members are Bill Norcross, Frank Guglielmi, Jim Hester, Dr. John Brown, Carole Winters, and Joan Benson.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.
Respectfully submitted
Jim Hester, Secretary